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It’s fun to fundraise! If you would like to give to the One Day for Will campaign and also maximize your impact beyond what you can give alone, check out of the following ideas.

  • A neighborhood could gather for a Christmas Eve party and collect funds to donate to the One Day for Will GoFundMe. (Perhaps there are some McKinney, Texas neighborhoods that will get inspired by this idea for one of their native sons?)
  • A church could take up a special collection at their Christmas Eve service and post the donations to the One Day for Will GoFundMe. (What better present-day Christmas miracle than fundraising to help children rise up and walk?)
  • Parents, are you looking for ways your children could get involved? A child could organize a lemonade stand or bake sale and post the earnings to the One Day for Will GoFundMe with the help of an adult.
  • This idea is from one of our campaign volunteers whose family has already pledged to contribute in this way. The adults in an extended family could agree to donate the money they’d spend on Christmas presents for each other to the One Day for Will GoFundMe. (They are still spending money on gifts for all the children in their family, of course!)

We think we can absolutely meet our $3.5 million Christmas Eve goal if communities and families come together to make it happen. If you have more ideas for this page, please email so we can post them!

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